Focus on Early Stage Technology Companies

April 21, 2021
1600 CET | 1700 MSK


The main goal of the Technology symposium is to be a bridge between early-stage technology companies and investors. Stride Consulting and The Untitled ventures present some of the best technology investment opportunities available today.

The Untitled Ventures

The Untitled Ventures invests into early-stage technology companies out of Eastern Europe with the purpose to scale the companies internationally.  The Untitled Ventures has been successful with the execution of this strategy with four exits from its first portfolio and a return of 73% IRR.  The team behind The Untitled Ventures has experience of two unicorns as an investor and as an operator: Investor - Epam System is now a Nasdaq listed – market cap $22bn, Operator – Veeam was sold to Insight Partners for $5bn in 2020 (Europe’s largest technology sale in 2020). The Untitled Ventures is now launching its first fund to outside investors.

Stride Consulting

Stride Consulting render services to family offices in structuring of investments, choosing financial and legal advisors to manage an investment portfolio. The professionals of Stride Consulting set up several family offices and provided them with advisory support. Besides, the team of Stride Consulting has solid experience in M&A and raising finance for technology and media companies (RBC Consulting), transport and logistics operator (Monopoly Online) and some other industries.


Managing partner
Managed one of the largest Russian and East European Equity Funds, Head of EM  Research for Daiwa Securities and ran the Londinium L/S Equity Fund. Since 2015, Oskar has been hands on working with young technology companies.
Managing partner
Vast experience in developing go-to-market strategies and regional marketing campaigns, Igor developed BBDO operations in Russia before selling his stake to Omnicom in 2014.
Igor Bondarenko
Managing partner
Igor has more than 20-year experience in corporate finance, with E&Y, ATON Capital Group, held a position of strategy director at the holding of precious metals.  Igor oversees family office businesses and provides overall management of Stride Consulting.

What You Get

Introduction of Stride Consulting
Introduction of The Untitled Ventures
Where are the Investment Opportunities within the Technology Sector
Early Stage Technology Company Presentations

Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). FIXAR developed the leading drone design which is automatically flown by its advanced AI software. FIXAR has received Canadian regulatory approval and has entered into a pilot with McDonald’s (Japan) to begin food delivery via UAV.

Provides middle and large enterprises with IT-solutions to deliver goods to their customers, to control their transport fleet and manage their sales representatives and other mobile employees: drivers, couriers and service engineers.

End to end technology infrastructure solution for food retailers to start online sales and delivery. In the past year, GetFaster has grown significantly in Russia. GetFaster has now opened a new business, online food retailer in Germany which is now growing 16% per week.

SOUZ 317:
Makes big changes in the field of waste management improving the productivity and transparency. Automatization of overall business process from accounting to transport logistics.

AI-driven size prediction engine solves customers' size & fit issues. Sizolution is live with Tommy Hilfiger, and others. Sizolution is launching a custom sizing solution for industrial apparel.

Focused on health care services which include analysis of B2B voluntary health insurance programs, administration of interaction with service providers and medical support for clients’ employees.

Technology Investment Candidates for The Untitled Ventures Fund
Question & Answer
April 21, 2021
1600 CET | 1700 MSK